The University of Montana spectrUM Discovery Area is Missoula's hands-on science center dedicated to inspiring a culture of learning and discovery for all. 


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Spinning Tops


Wednesday,      September 26th

S Sweetheart Dress White Piece Sunnydaysweety 2018 CA041807 White One Sleeveless S New Discovery Bench:      Botany

Special Making Activity: Bouncy Rockets,  3-5:30pm

Meet special guest Mandy Slate from University of Montana from 4-5 pm. 

Thursday,           September 27th

Discovery Bench:     Eye Dissections

Visit with special guest Chad Bishop from University of Montana from 11:30 am-12:30 pm.

Friday,                September 28th

Discovery Bench:     DNA Extraction

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Saturday,           September 29th

Discovery Bench:       Slime & Oobleck